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(male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >> thanks for joining us. first at eleven. a crack down on impaired drivers. the california highway patrol is reporting more than one thousand d-u-i arrests. all just over the holiday weekend. kron four's philippe djegal here now with a closer look at the numbers. philippe. >> reporter: during a four day stretch, the california highway patrol was in a period of maximum enforcement. it started on friday and ended at midnight last night. this means all available officers were on the roads. tracking down impaired drivers. here's a look at what happened in that span. statewide, 1,060 drivers were arrested for driving under the influence. that's up from last year. when 980 drivers were arrested for d-u-i during the same period.
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in the bay area, there were 151 d-u-i arrests. there were also three crashes that resulted in deaths. statewide, 26 people died in car crashes. that's up from 14 last year. the c-h-p reminds drivers to always use a designated driver and to always wear a searbelt. refusing to do either can result in a heavy fine. as to why there was an increase statewide and locally. on the number of d-u-i arrests made this year compared to last. this is what the c-h-p had to say. and >> it is probably a combination of a couple of things. perhaps there are more people drinking and driving an combined with the d.u.i. enforcement. that level of the arrests has increased. >> reporter: the next c-h-p period of maximum enforcement will be next week for new years. so, if you plan on drinking. don't sit behind the wheel. there's a good chance you can end up in jail or even worse. hurting somebody.
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>> thank-you. the woman accused of killing a grandmother in a drunk driving accident at the twin peaks look-out made her first court appearance today. 23-year old gina eunice is accused of hit-and-run, drunken driving and vehicular manslaughter. the accident hurt three people and killed 56-year old yuee yao. who was here visiting her new grandchild from china. eunice's attorney tells us. her client is studying to become a police officer. and what she is accused of does not match her character. >> she is someone who was never been in trouble before. she was one quarter short of graduating from college. there are things that her family has been going through that is probably having a lot to do on the full picture of what happened to her. >> the judge set her bail at 2-million dollars. if she posts it. she must wear a scram device. that checks to make sure she does not drink alcohol. and is not allowed to drive. eunice will be back in court
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for her arraignment on december 31st. thousands of previously unpublished boy scouts of america files that detail suspected sexual abuse by employees and volunteers have been posted to an online database. grant lodes has more on where to find it. and where the accused offenders are here in the bay area. >> they are called for version files of the l.a. times is just access this online. available on line in. employees and volunteers to work been removed from the organization for suspects omerit sexual misconduct. this will sox box-this it data base includes a 23 bay-area boy scout volunteers. the men affiliated from a santa rosa, san jose and other locations. ploting it out on the map. the most charge
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are people that have had previous molestation charges were allowed to volunteer for the boy scouts. grant lodes, kron 4. >> alameda county's bomb squad shut down a section of oakland today in an attempt to remove old t-n-t. this is video from abc 7 news. police shut down 37th street between market and linden streets. some residents were evacuated after police learned someone wanted to turn in some old t-n-t from world war two. the bomb squad was called in to remove the more than five pounds of the explosives. police also had to close off the 900 block of 36th street at market. >> jacqueline: we have seen their rainfall taper off and clearing skies. however, some clouds have been streaming which credit possibly help with the chilly conditions which is already very cold
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temperatures away from the coast. with even frost conditions in the morning but rainfall returning. your complete forecast, coming up. >> portions of the great highway in san francisco flooded during last night's strong storm. right behind me is the northbound side before lincoln avenue. both lanes are filled with water.and drivers are forced to use the center divide to pass. kron 4's reggie kumar shows us why the city closed the southbound side to traffic. >> reporter: this happens roughly 60 times a year, according to the san francisco department
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